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A 5 sheet glitter bundle that you build!  After you purchase this bundle will will contact you via email on which glitter sheets you would like to add to your bundle.  Once we receive your reply, we will ship your custom bundle to you right away!  Pick 5 from the following colors:

Chili Red, Harvest, Mellow Yellow, Chartreuse, Festive Green, Seafoam, Aquamarine, Bahama Blue, Pacific Blue, Olympic Blue, Sapphire, Ice Blue, Midnight Sky, Blackberry, Orchid, Lavender, Vivid Violet, Carnation Rose, Flamingo, Bubblegum, Salmon, Mulberry, Barbie, Neon Hot Pink, Sepia Sparkles, Cashmere, Coffee, Silver Stone, Pewter, Steel, Almond, Rose Gold, Champagne, Hampton Gold, Goldenrod, Golden Nugget, Iridescent White, Milky Way and Obsidian




Beach Potato Embroidery PU Glitter Fabric is a dazzling and versatile textile that adds a special touch of brilliance to your project with its mesmerizing sparkling effect.  PU (polyurethane) fabric is more environmentally friendly than vinyl.  Adorned with tiny reflective particles, this fabric radiates a shimmering and glamorous appeal. With a wide range of colors and a durable texture, glitter fabric is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your embroidery and craft projects. Its enchanting allure and ability to reflect light make it a go-to choice for those seeking a sensational impression.   

Not recommended for machine wash.  Use a clean damp cloth to gently spot clean areas as needed.

Measurment 9.75" x 20"

Build Your Own Bundle

$34.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
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